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Ravenfield is a low-poly single-player first person shooter similar to Battlefield.  With an established modding scene, I decided to try my hand at creating mods for the game. Though I haven't made a lot of mods as of yet, I've learned a lot from the 2 items I've published so far, each garnering thousands of views and subscribers (players who have downloaded the mod). Unlike the skins I'm making for CS:GO or Unturned, these mods are completely free to use and anyone can download them anytime they want.

All models are done by me. Animations were shared from existing in-game weapons and equipment. Sounds were also shared from the game, except for the FA-27's firing sound, which I modified from Call of Duty 4's M4A1 firing sound.

See my Ravenfield Workshop here. Alternatively, click the images below to be taken to the item's respective Workshop page.